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Host A

Mardi Bra or

Mardi Bro

Party !

Want to do something to help our Sisters and Brothers in need? –Host a Mardi Bra or Mardi Bro Party and party with a Purpose!

“When some young women experiencing homelessness quietly asked us for our “used” underwear and bras because they didn’t have any on, we knew we had to do something! Then, we learned how many women didn’t have monthly feminine products! We now make these donated hygiene items available for any of our Sisters in our shower room. Helping a women feel clean and respected is an empowering gift.” ~House of Hagar

Women are united by many things- our compassion, maternal instincts, our strength, perseverance and by our feminine needs as well! However, the womanly items our homeless Sisters often need are not usually donated. Why not host a Mardi party to celebrate and show our Sisters support by collecting Bras, Underwear, Pads, Tampons, deodorant, or any item you think would make a women feel hygienically beautiful! We ladies must stick together…and we can have a blast doing it!

Hey…and we can’t forget our Brothers guys-Host a Mardi Bro party! It not just asking for directions that can be hard on a man but asking for basic hygiene items as well. Experiencing homelessness can make one feel hopeless, and being called a “bum” or “dirty” can make a guy feel worthless. Bro-code – let’s get our Brothers the hygiene items they need before they have to ask. Not only will these items help our Brothers with finding jobs, but it just feels good to be a clean dude. That can be a game changer! We make these hygiene items available in a way where guys can choose what they want, when they want with dignity.

How it works-

  • Decide what kind of Party you would like to have, a Mardi Bra or Mardi Bro –or both!
  • Contact us and tell us how many invitations you will need and the date you would like to have party. We will put together a packet with invitations and party ideas.
  • Let us know if you would like sign up to borrow the Mardi Bra/Bro decoration kit. The kit includes decorations that add glitz, glam and tackiness that every good Mardi Bra/Bro party deserves.
  • Invite your friends and PARTY WITH A PURPOSE. Your party can be as a simple or elaborate as you like, from snacks to a meal. It is up to you! Check out some of our fun ideas.
  • Your friends come to your party and bring an item off the list as a party gift.
  • Take pictures and share your fun ideas! We will post them on the website with your permission.
  • Women and Men have their lives changed by your love…and fun!

Crystal's Party

Idea Tip : Bratini

"I had my Mardi Bra party on 10/23/16 Prior to having the party a friend of mine visiting from out of town was interested in what the event was all about. She and her sorority sisters meet every year for a reunion at Oglebay Park. The Sunday before my party she contacted me and let me know she wanted to stop by. When she arrived she brought two huge bags of bras, underwear and women's sanitary products for the cause. She said that the event to help and support homeless women inspired the group to donate each year they reunite.

I had invited several women, many of them have children and work obligations. The day of the event I began getting messages from several stating that they couldn't attend for a variety of reasons. I was so worried that there would be no one at my party. It turns out that there were six for the party. The amount of items collected with a group that small still amazes me. It's two days after the party and I'm still getting messages from the people who had to cancel wanting to meet me or are dropping things off at my house. At the end of the party my living room was overflowing with items for homeless women. I filled the back of my SUV to the point that I could barely see out the rear window. Since the event was also hosted on Facebook once photos went up there was a huge interest in what the party was. Many women are asking me what to do to have a party. I am so glad that I could help support other women, specifically homeless women. It is my prayer that they feel the love and support from other women in their community and know that they are not alone. " - Crystal Bauer

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